Joe Meixner concert

Piano medicine®

People have been aware of the healing effects of music for centuries. The findings of the German Hypertension League clearly show that music affects the function of the autonomic nervous system and causes emotional and hormonal response. But as the autonomic nervous system also controls the cardiovascular system, music also directly affects heart and respiratory rate.

Piano medicine® is a music therapy concept based on the findings of a number of research studies. Its founder and eminent pianist Josip Joe Meixner has relied on the latest research to compose and record music for therapeutic purposes.

Its beneficial effects on the vegetative system have been confirmed by a study conducted by authors from the Medical University of Vienna.

Piano medicine® has been recommended for the treatment of sleep disorder, high blood pressure, tension, chronic fatigue, anxious states, and mood swings.

Piano medicine® provides physical and mental benefits to its listeners. Composed for medicinal purposes, this music can lower stress hormone levels and blood pressure, improve the breathing rhythm, relax muscle tension, and alleviate the sense of pain and fear, to name but a few proven therapeutic effects. It has also been effective as a complement to conventional medicine without causing side effects! As a relaxation technique, it can also serve as preventive therapy. Deep relaxation, after all, is one of the most efficient techniques of self-therapy.

With its gentle music played in pianissimo it restores balance to body and mind and removes the stress. Piano medicine® halts the restless and troubled mind and leads the way to harmony within. Altheda® is a unique concert brand you will never forget. Do something special for yourself and take in its healing sounds. Not while standing or sitting – the idea is to relax. We invite you to listen to this concert while lying down!

One large study on wellness treatment has shown that more than 70% of wellness and spa users opt for treatments that have been supported by medical research. Piano medicine® is one such treatment, with proven beneficial effects on the vegetative system.

An extraordinary experience for extraordinary guests.

An extravagant event for the relaxation of congress participants at the end of a long day – Altheda® – a concert you listen to – lying down.


Joe Meixner

His childhood was already marked by the passion for improvisation, which he could experience as accompaniment pianist for his father. After the completion of the music school, for several years he performed as an accompanying pianist, among others for the American superstar Trini Lopez.

For almost ten years, he was the musical director of Cabaret Simpl in Vienna, before his relocation to Los Angeles. Soon, he became one of the “major players” of international events. Countless performances, including performances for Kevin Costner, Larry Flynt and Ursula Andress, gave eloquent testimony to his reputation. In addition, he composed for the Disney Channel and Fox Channel.

Back in Vienna, with his band PRIVATE SOUL he performed on Romy Award, Life Ball, ORF Gala, ATV Gala, RTL-Gala, etc.

He is a composer, producer, visionary musical scientist and founder of piano medicine®, but above all a musician – one who breathes life and soul into music every time his hands touches the keys of the piano.

Joe Meixner creates a true art form by combining elements of classical, jazz and soul music in his own unique, original arrangements. His performances are the impressive creations of a magnificent musical personality. Whether Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” or Sting’s “Fragile”, it is soul with the elements of jazz and classical music.

His performances are the dazzling creations of a magnificent musical personality.

Joe sounds like as if playing the piano and making music were the most joyous activities imaginable. He’ll take you to places you’ve never been to, but will always bring you back home. This is magic that combines passion with the powerful elegance and taste of a master .

What is it that makes every one of his concerts a special occasion? It is his ability to draw his audience into the melodious magic that he creates and to provide harmonic sound experiences to captivate his audience. Joe Meixner confirms his virtuosity and sheer credibility with every single note.

Every piece that Joe is playing is a proclamation of how grand it is to be alive, play piano, and make music.


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